Fable and Fact: Professor Jeffrey Engel

Oct 3, 2022

Jeffrey Engel is a historian who directs the Center for Presidential History at SMU Center for Presidential History | Center for Presidential History (smu.edu).  He is the author of over a dozen books on American history, and an expert on immigration to the U.S.   https://www.smu.edu/Dedman/Research/Institutes-and-Centers/Center-for-Presidential-History/About/People/Staff/Engel

His own family emigrated from Eastern Europe before World War II.  Those who did not were lost in the holocaust. 

Professor Engel discusses the fable of the Statue of Liberty, uncovers the historical pattern of welcome successive waves of immigrants to the U.S. experienced, and suggests a realistic message of hope for our immigrants. 

Listen to The Center for Presidential History’s own podcast series:  The Past The Promise The Presidency The Past, the Promise, the Presidency (pastpromisepresidency.com).

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