Help Students Transform Their Lives

You will make an immediate and lasting impact in the lives of others when you make the commitment to be a volunteer teacher at Literacy Achieves.

Sign-up your group to volunteer with Literacy Achieves in Dallas, Texas.

Become a Teacher

Volunteer teacher opportunities are currently available at our Vickery Meadow campus, ELM-East Dallas campus, and online.

  • You do not need to speak a foreign language or have teaching experience.
  • Literacy Achieves provides the curriculum and training. Opportunities are available for morning, afternoon, or evening classes.
  • Time commitment is 2 hours per week for a 12-week or 13-week semester.

Additional volunteers are needed for office help, tutoring, student registration, and student recognition or other special events.

To learn more about volunteer teaching opportunities, contact:
Sarah Perkins
214.265.5057 x 114 or
Complete your application online

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have any teaching experience?

No problem. We provide the curriculum and the lesson planning. We train you and support you every step of the way. As long as you can speak, read, write and understand English you can do it.

What if I don’t speak Spanish or any foreign language?

Our students come from over 48 countries and speak as many languages. We only use English in the classroom and all the books and materials are in English. If you do want to brush up on your Spanish (or French, or Amharic, or anything else) you have many opportunities to talk with students before and after class.

What are the classes like? How many students would I be teaching?

We may register up to 25 students for each class with two teachers. Having two teachers in the classroom allows one to present material while the other gives more one-on-one time to students. The number of students can vary somewhat over the course of the semester.

What if I have to travel for work occasionally?

If you can make a basic commitment to teach 2 hours each week for the 12 or 13 week semester, then our structure using co-teachers in each classroom makes sure the class is covered if you have to be absent.

What special skills do I need in order to teach?

We can use the skills you have – if you are good with computers, you can lead in that part of the instruction. If you are good with music, you can utilize those skills in the classroom. Whatever your strength, there is a place for you in English language instruction.

Volunteer Stories

Meet Rob Richmond

Meet Rob Richmond

For the last 11 years, Rob Richmond has taught adult students as a volunteer at the ELM campus. “The adult students are selfless – they want their children to have a better life. At Literacy Achieves, volunteers and staff work together to make lives better."– Rob...

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Meet DJ Kassanoff

Meet DJ Kassanoff

DJ Kassanoff has taught ESL for five years at the Literacy Achieves campus in West Dallas. “I am amazed at everything that students receive at Literacy Achieves. The children can attend school at the same time as their parents … and the families receive referrals for...

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Group Volunteers

We welcome volunteer groups as well as corporate partners.

Group sizes of 20 people or less are ideal for our organization to have the best volunteer experience possible.


Reach out to to schedule a tour and discuss group volunteer or corporate partnership opportunities.
Sisay improves his employment through English literacy.