Alexandra: Immigrant, World Citizen

Dec 1, 2022

Alexandra Bacalao is an immigrant from Venezuela by way of Canada who came to the US as a schoolgirl.

Now a physician and scientist, the podcast is the story of how she sees America through a complex matrix formed from the other countries where she’s lived, her experience in the US health care system, and her observations of US politics.

It’s a story of belonging everywhere, yet nowhere—and why she loves America.

When I Got Here | Untold Immigrant Stories

Hosted by Byron Harris
Original music by John Wesley Gibson

Immigrants share inspiring personal stories of why they left their homelands, how they got to the U.S. and the lives they are making here.

They meet the challenges of a new land with determination, perseverance, resilience, and creativity.

Listeners will see America through their eyes and renew their appreciation for the land we love.


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