When I Got Here, a podcast from Literacy Achieves in Dallas, Texas.

When I Got Here | Untold Immigrant Stories

Hosted by Byron Harris
Original music by John Wesley Gibson


Immigrants share inspiring personal stories of why they left their homelands, how they got to the U.S., and the lives they are making here.

They meet the challenges of a new land with determination, perseverance, resilience, and creativity.
Listeners will see America through their eyes and renew their appreciation for the land we love.

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Amal: Assassinated Building a Better Iraq 2004

from Hungary to Libya and Iraq

Physician and Family

South Korea to Ohio, 1970

Daniel Simon

from Haiti to New York City, 1988

Curious About Christian

Mecklenberg-Schwerin, Germany, to Wisconsin, 1866.

A Year in Iran

from US to Iran, 1976-77

From Syria to Seminole

Henna, Syria to Seminole, Texas, 1898

Where is Frank?

Parts Unknown to White Oaks, New Mexico 1884

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About Our Host

Byron Harris, host of the When I Got Here podcast with Literacy Achieves in Dallas, Texas.When I Got Here is narrated, edited and written by Byron Harris. Harris is a longtime Dallas journalist and  winner of two Peabody Awards.

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About Our Music Composer
John Wesley Gibson is the composer-in-residence for the Dallas Winds.

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