Recent Immigrant Stories

Stories inspired by the When I Got Here podcast, hosted by Byron Harris.

Physician and Family

South Korea to Ohio, 1970

A neurosurgeon comes to the US from South Korea and pivots to life-saving OB-GYN work.

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Daniel Simon

from Haiti to New York City, 1988

A Haitian whose parents brought him to New York City as a boy goes through a ‚Äúserendipity of experiences‚ÄĚ to overcome the poverty of his youth, becomes an engineer, and learns to be a black man in America. Is Daniel just lucky or does he make his own luck?

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Curious About Christian

Mecklenberg-Schwerin, Germany, to Wisconsin, 1866.

Why did a young man leave Germany in the 1860s and settle in Wisconsin and Iowa? What courage this journey must have asked of him.

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A Year in Iran

from US to Iran, 1976-77

Mayela's story brings up old memories of similar feelings from time as a young university lecturer.

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From Syria to Seminole

Henna, Syria to Seminole, Texas, 1898

A fifteen-year-old boy walks to the sea and travels to New York by boat. He became an itinerant peddler in the Midwest and settled in Seminole, Texas where he had his own dry goods store. Read more in his memoir published by Texas Tech University: "From Syria to Seminole."

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Where is Frank?

Parts Unknown to White Oaks, New Mexico 1884

Comments on Looking for Joachim

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